Quick post

Ken decided at 3:15 that they would indeed travel down to Ohio to attend the Father/Son Camp out with my Dad and Brother. Needless to say, that gave me 20 minutes to gather supplies before C got off the bus. Luckily, Ken gave me an hour before speeding off. Dad is really excited and I know that they will all have a blast. B/c they are boys who like to camp. Meanwhile, I set M up on my new laptop...while I did some stamp uploads. hehe.

This card was created Monday night. It was fast and really turned out super! Boy, don't we wish cards could be stamped out that fast. Trick? SOLID STAMPS...and a good placement of objects.

Today's LSC challenge was to make a Beachy card. Limits of only beachy images, one beach sentiment and ONE embellishment. I went with eyelets for my embellishment. And...the sentiment is from Starving Artistamps. As for beachy images...not sure that the images work after all. But they are from "Sparklin Summer" which is a very beachy set!

Now, to find my Blockbuster gift card so McK and I can go rent a girlie movie!


Great Grandma Lin said...

well beachy cards sounds very summery. I went to water aerobics class for the first time and it was fun and hot in the 90s today and going to 100 this sunday-summer is here!

Kim P said...

Both of these card look great!! It is nice to make a quick card...in fact, I need to make several today! Thanks for the inspiration!

Millie said...

Cute cards Dawn. And you are welcome to "Case" my blog any time. Hugs