Live...from a stamp show near you!

A while back, I met this stamper named Mybearybest on SCS. She was my Secret Big Sister and what a great sis she was! In fact, she still comments on every card I post in my SCS gallery. Thanks Michelle!

As luck would have it, she went to a big stamp trade show with some friends. And stopped by the Starving Artistamps' booth to snap some pix of my cards on display. I remember seeing Juliana's cards last August on these display boards. (She is a Starving Artistamp DT member.) It was really fun to see something in person which I had seen online. (Sort of like when I traveled Europe and saw countless paintings and sculptures in person after studying them in my art history classes...wow...talk about amazing stuff!)

TaDA! You can probably pick out my cards if you read this blog. DD and I have had fun looking through the pix and counting!

How many can YOU count?


Great Grandma Lin said...

what a bunch of creative people...so much variety with the same stamps. Can't wait to get mine. Aunt Lin

Kim P said...

Wow, Dawn! I'm not sure, but I believe I saw 7 of your cards...there are probably more. What a fun collection!

Michelle VP said...

Every time I pointed them out at the show, I kept finding more and oh wait, another one! You've made some really great cards with SA stamps. Now you just need to make extras for your biggest fans. ;)

Christi Flores said...

How awesome is this?! Not sure how many you have up there but I do see a few!! :)