A life lesson learned from Dog Food...

Saturday afternoon I was sitting on the balcony when my DD came up to me and retold a story that had happened the night before. Apparently, her little brother said to the big brother, "Hey, if you eat this dog food, I"ll give you my Bakugan." Of course Big brother is dying to get a collection of these silly toys which I have said, "No you are not buying them." (Though I consented when Granny and Papa bought each of them one. But we aren't sticking any more money into them!) So of course, DD said Big brother ate it, and Little Brother wouldn't give up the toy.

I went to Big Brother to hear the story. And it matched up. First he licked it and said that it "counted." Little brother said, "no." So Big Brother ate the dog food. (BTW, it was a small, small dog pellet.) So when Little Brother came home, he was told that the Bakugan was going to be given to the Big Brother.

Of course we had the lecture about promises and what it means to make a promise and how you have to go through with what you promised. That God gave us promises that we can rely on. Mom and Dad make promises. What happens when promises aren't met, etc, etc.

It was a hard lesson to learn since Little Brother only had one of these cherished Bakugans.

So last night, Little Brother (age five) said the prayer before dinner. In it he thanked Heavenly Father for promises and asked for help to keep those promises to others.

AWWWWW...He got it! At least yesterday, Little brother understood the importance of a Promise.

Next life lesson that Big Brother is going to learn...

"We all make mistakes. So if your little brother "dares" you do do soemthing, which is silly and dumb and he loses a toy for it, you can be the bigger person. Forgive him and give that toy back!"

I don't think he'll learn it as fast as the little one!


Susan said...

I think it's easier for young, innocent minds to learn the lesson than a mind that has already grasped the concept of "earning" a reward and keeping it safe.

Starla said...

Ok....your story put a smile on my face as it is sooo "boy"!! (remember, I have two also.....11 and 8!!)

Unknown said...

tooo funny...and I think you're right about the second lesson being harder :)

LeAnne said...

Oh my....what a wonderful lesson for both! And hopefully your younger son will learn the meaning of grace as well! :D Cherish THAT memory, and thanks for sharing! It brought a smile to my face!