Ready, Set, Go!

My turn for challenge hostess came around again today. Admittedly, I take a long time to make my cards. So today's challenge was a personal challenge.

Make a card in 30 minutes. I listed some ways to cut back on the time spent making cards:

1. Take 5-7 minutes to think about a color combo or layout or theme before starting on the actual card.
2. Cut back on layers and embellies.
3. Make a smaller card...haha.
4. Just have fun! Be carefree…and quick!

But I admit, I'm still not that fast! haha. Here is my example card:


Karinn said...

Wow! I think it turned out super-cute! You did an AWESOME job coloring the milk, shadow and the cookies! They look yummy :D

Great Grandma Lin said...

well a speedy artist probably doesn't enjoy the process as much as a slower one. lol!

Jacilynn said...

Love this image. I'm a cookie Feign! I think I need to own it. wink.