Happy St. Patty's Day

Yesterday, you know, was St. Patty's day. I saw tons of green where ever I went. At 1:30, I had to go the school to volunteer. I pull in and notice that there was a group at Moosetree, the nature center next to the elementary. At first I was impressed that the class had matching green shirts on a lot of the kids. Then it hit me...St.Patty's day!! haha

My kids came home to find that a leperchuan had left some gold next to their pillow...sprinkled in with some green glittery stuff. Of course C* hated it in his bed! E* has been counting "17 pennies" since yesterday!

My BIL has an elaborate treasure hunt each year for his own kids. My mom always baked green bread and green pancakes. In elementary school, I'd ask for tuna that day. Wasn't that sick? haha. What fun things did you do yesterday?

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Christi Flores said...

What a cute idea!! We just did the whole green shirt, pinching thing but I'll have to remember the gold thing for next year!