Florida Funny...

Well, I thought I would blog about Florida. But Ken has all the pix and who knows where he hides them! So I thought I'd post a couple of funnies that happened before they are lost to forgetfulness.

Driving to our town house, we past some Sony Warehouse Outlets. On the side of one if was a large banner that read: LAPTOPS $289. So outloud I said to Ken, "Wow, Laptops for two eighty nine." (B/c I think it would be great to have one...though I'd be more sedimentary. Now at least I have to run from the art room up to the computer room every so often!)

So C* over hears me and gets excited. "Laptops for only two dollars and eight nine cents?" he exclaims. "That's a deal!"

Ken replies, "Yes, Laptops for everyone in the family!"

Then...we get to the clubhouse and we were waiting for Ken to get the keys and such. Outside there was a little play structure and bball hoops next to the pool. And sand...where the side walk is. White, fine sand. E* standing in jeans and a tshirt, shifts his hands in the sand and asks, "Mom, is this snow?" "No," I reply. "We are in Florida E. There is no snow here. It's hot and sunny."

We've had a delightful spring. Just hope we don't get any April snow storms!!


Great Grandma Lin said...

well of course you'll get a snow storm soon after saying that...I've never been to florida.

Susan said...

never been to florida but for $2.89, I'd learn how to use and enjoy a laptop, too, Ken

Ken....get out those PIX! No fair keeping them.

Christi Flores said...

I think I'm living in the wrong place...$2.00 for a laptop? Awesome! LOL