After playing a game of Boggle with Ken on Saturday night, my kids are all into the game. It's a hit. Even E* will play his own version of the game...finding words but the letters do not need to touch. What a smartie! (Even if he isn't pro-academia!)

Admittedly, I probably like this song better than the poem...Please pretend that the swear word is "whited" out.

EDITED: Wanna learn more about this singer?


Great Grandma Lin said...

looks like a fun game. my hubby and I used to play scrabble but it got too boooring maybe we can try this one.

Jill said...

We are total Boggle junkies here. We just had a rousing game with some church friends at our ward activity last Friday. Good times. :)

Susan said...

such a great use of those letter cubes

Karinn said...

That was such a cute video! How fun. My oldest is getting good enough at his spelling and reading that I should try Boggle with him too. Thanks for the idea!