Quick one

I had a blast in Florida...surprisingly enough. The parks were so fun. C, M and E were happy and excited and enjoyed it too! We had a few minor mishaps with souvenirs...which worked out in the end. I want to blog some of it but Ken has all the pix at work. Boohoo.

But I"m back and ready for some Clone Wars with the E* family down the street!

Which reminds me. We got home just before 9pm on Wednesday night. As we were pulling onto the street (we live near the corner), I could see that something was on the front door. Then we pulled into the driveway and Ken clicked the button for the garage when I saw that something was on the garage too! So I told him to stop and shut the door so we could see it.

Here is the sign that was hung on the garage door.

This one was on the front door...complete with bakugan stickers and drawn pokemon.

Detail of the above pix...a girl and boy Florida...hehe.

We are loved and were missed by the E* family who welcomed us home with banners!
Thank you boys. You all are so totally COOL! (BTW, I hung these up in the kitchen so we can enjoy them longer...it started to snow again yesterday!)


Great Grandma Lin said...

welcome back signs-how fun especially when returning from florida and it's going to snow. glad you had fun-looking forward to the photos of the trip.

Susan said...

special people are the ones who show just how special they are by the things they do. and always it's the little things that really impress.

Michelle VP said...

What a fun welcome home! Glad you had a fun trip. So nice to get away from winter for a week. :)

Starla said...

How fun to have such neighbors!