but GREAT!


I was surprised that it was in 3D. After a week at Disney, I thought that it would be a let down. Boy... was it fantastically entertaining and captivating! (This was my first 3D movie in a theater, I think.) I'm so glad that M* had pink eye and not "really" sick. It was a fun, secretive time together. Hopefully it will stay that way too! hehe Being that it was a story about a mother & daughter, it was great to see it with my daughter!

At one point, the "other dad" sings a song...and I knew that had to be my old favorite band, "They Might Be Giants." So we stayed through the credits to see if I was right. Sure enough...that song was credited to TMBG. Yeah!

I don't go to very many movies. But this one is one to be sure to catch in the theater. I remember seeing the Nightmare Before Christmas so many years ago and being thrilled by it. Tim Burton has done it again.

Several trailers were in 3D too. It must be the wave of the future for movies!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

looks too scary for me and besides I don't have any daughters...lol!