Okay...so "mood swing" was probably the wrong title for the last entry. It was more like a "mood drop." Enough said. I'll wake up tomorrow and be over it. haha. Good. Another easily accomplished goal.

And, as we all know, there is always a silver lining. Today's silver lining was...a package of House of Mouse images. I'm not super keen on these images to want the actual stamp for myself. But I remembered that one of SU "customers" is on the House of Mouse DT team. Just before Christmas, I sent her an email begging images for her favorite demo. haha.

I tell you, this Michigan mail is still quirky. It was postmarked on 12/23...and got here today? What is that 20 days? Nearly 2 weeks! good grief!

So I have just colored in nearly 3 images. Used my Watercolor Crayons...love them! the crayons that is.

I was amazed by the different sizes of the images. Here I thought they were more or less the same size. Some are pretty small and some are quite large. I'll make them up into cards tomorrow...maybe. I still need to grocery shop, fold laundry...maybe skip ironing b/c last time I burned my finger really badly! haha. But my neighbor is coming over to stamp...so yeah...I'll make them into cards.


Jan Scholl said...

Dawn, it's okay to feel down. And up. And everything in between. I am down a lot lately and I go take a shower. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The times are trying lately for so many in different ways. I miss the sun. I want my solo time back instead of baby sitting a 60 year old clueless husband. My silver lining will be tomorrow when he goes to a boy scout cult meeting and I can have two hours ALONE. And a new pair of running shoes on Friday! Assuming I survive the friggin' cold...Count the sunshine minutes and soon spring will come. Or get out our stabby thing and make snow cones.

Great Grandma Lin said...

you're not alone in feeling down, it's part of life. the trick is not to stay there long but to shake it off and go on with the adventure of living in our time and day. there will always to challenges to overcome, meals to cook, laundry to do and ironing? I don't iron anymore maybe once or twice a year...permanent press is the only way to live. have a better day-thinking of you.

Terry said...

Hey Dawn, You Won my blog candy Girlfriend. I need your address so I can send you it. my e-mail is on my blog. Congrats!!!! Terry