Busy Day

Today was such a busy day. I had to get up and get 2 kids into the frigid and frosty air and onto the bus. Scurried back into the house to prepare two pots of beef vegetable soup. Yesterday I found out that a friend of mine was very ill...now diagnosed with pnemonia...and has (at least) 2 sick kids and a poor husband who, if he is not working out of town for 5 days each week, is busy at work near by until very late at night. I chatted with Mom until E* and I had to rush out the door for a meeting. We returned home...and I started dinner rolls for the two families while E* worked on some homework and spelling words. Then I pretty much cleaned or prepared for Brownies and some other odd n ends that needed to be taken care of. The rolls were barely out of the oven when I drove dinner over to my ailing friend and then up to school...where we had a Brownie meeting. I rushed out of Brownies early to pick up the two boys...then drove the icy roads back home to feed everyone so I could get M* to Activities Days. Whoa! But, I've lucked out...and all the church activities have been canceled tonight...probably due to the severe weather conditions.
So I sat down to eat...relieved not to have to drive anywhere tonight. Enjoying fresh rolls and delicious soup....and then I noticed it:

One of the spelling activities is to write the words on a post it note and post them around the house. I saw E write "go" and "in." My arms were elbow deep in flour when he asked how to write "fort." Which I spelled...even though it wasn't on the list. So...I see that he has posted a sentence on the wall...with a few non-spelling words.

"Go in my fort" is what it reads.

Now how did he know how to spell "my?"

The downside to staying home...the mountain of unfolded laundry that needs to be folded!


Great Grandma Lin said...

good to hear you are back in locomotion-non stop it sounds. get the kids to help you fold clothes while you practice spelling. sounds like a fun happy household safe inside from winter till the next slippery trip out.

wispy willow said...

lol... what a day! And what a sweetheart you are to squeeze in time and expend energy to make soup and hot rolls for sick neighbor.

A well deserved rest at home... and a tender reward seeing your munchkin doing well.

Elley said...

Dawn - you are a such an angel. Wow, you are a busy beaver but took out time to help your neighbor. I know she really appreciates it. I love the note on your frig., I loved when my kids left me stuff like that. I have and still have a folder for each one of them, stuff that they made all the way through school, course had to weed some out, but kept some good and some bad. When they get to where I think they will take care of it, I'll give it to them, but for now I can still enjoy stuff like you have now.

ttyl you little angel........

Starla said...

Wow....how sweet of you to think of your neighbor even when your schedule was so busy.