Yoga Funny...

The Physical Education Teacher wasn't overly pleased with the way the yoga class has been going. E* is five and really done with the whole thing. It's at a bad time of the day and I really didn't want to drag him to it. So M* took her mat to school on Monday like the rest of the kids...and had to face going to yoga alone.

When I went to pick her up, I apologized for missing the class, explaining that E* was really sort of "done" with it. And She agreed that it wasn't turning out as well as she had hoped. (I think the next session should be by invite only. Get rid of those water fountain boys.)

Last night, E* was taking a bath when he called out, "I'm doing yoga in the tub!!" Sure enough, that little rascal was doing the "shark pose" as it is called in our elementary yoga class.

I emailed the teacher this funny...and it really brightened her outlook on the success of the class. She even stopped in to mention it to me again during Brownies today. I think that E and I will attend our final yoga session on Monday! Who knows what else we will learn. (BTW, he did the shark pose again in the tub tonight. What a yogi!)

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Great Grandma Lin said...

funny how it all sinks in, just when you think they are learning nothing. nice that you let the teacher know she wasn't a failure.