Well, two disappointments to report. A hair cut that became a hair chop and a promising uplifting show that is not a flop in my eyes.

For the hair cut...it's probably not that bad after going back (a week later) for a second time and sitting in the hair for another HOUR as the stylist tried to fix it. It is short. But in the past, I have had short hair. As a teenager, there was an article in SEVENTEEN that admonished me to get my hair cut two weeks before the prom. So I will wait two weeks and hope that I can adjust to it. Last night I colored it too. It's not the color I was going for. But I figure, if I can muster up enough flair to act like this is what *I* wanted, then no one is going to be the wiser. (haha. Unless they read my blog!)

Last year, ABC came out with a fun show called "Eli Stone." It had musical numbers that were fun and engaging...Story lines that illustruated people making wise choices...and endearing characters, despite any flaws they had.

Ken had told me about a month ago that "they" were canceling Eli Stone and I was disappointed. But after last night's episode, it needs to be canceled. The episode didn't have music/song. The spark was gone. The plots supported ideas contrary to what I know to be right and true. As I watached the show, I knew that this wasn't the same show I had enjoyed in the past. The values were changed. What did the writers/directors think would happen? That I, a loyal watcher, would just keep watching the episodes b/c I loved the characters?

Well, now the characters are coyly bringing up wrong ideas and making them seem fine and good. Deception is the name of the game. Although, that is usually the name of the game. I have seen it at other times and other areas of my life.

And yes, it is more disappointing than a silly hair cut. B/c regaining your virtue or getting up on higher ground will probably take more than 2 weeks...and a lot more struggle and work is involved.


Great Grandma Lin said...

hair cuts come and go...i got my hair done and when they style it-it never look like me so today i washed it and now i recognize me with curls and shorter hair. it's hard to find a good stylist and stay with them. tv shows are mostly a waste even watching the previews of csi shows freaks me so we watch little...only rented netflix. just remember your hair will grow out...this too will pass.

Susan said...

excellent thoughts....but i think we both get to learn that most things will always let us down. Only One will not

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a hair cut so different from you wanted has you looking at yourself in a whole new way. In that, a blessing. I really enjoyed Eli Stone also. It was refreshing to hear about God and His very real presence in our world in a fun musical sort of way. (At least at the beginning of the series). Tomorrow will be better!