More from UHU Glue...a project

Along with the roller glue, UHU sent me a terrific clipboard to embellish as I saw fit. I enjoy making clipboards. In the past, my clipboards have been the standard size. The clipboard from UHU was 6x9 inches (approximately); a good size...not too big, not too small. But what would I do with it?

I had several ideas through out the month: Christmas advent calendar, Chore Chart, picture frame/board, Gratitude Wall hanging. But I settled on a Wish List holder for Santa Claus. Each year, my kids will be able to write a list and clip it to the board so that Santa and all of his Elves can keep up with their wishes.

These silver snowflakes were embossed!

ARG! Turn your head to the right to see this correctly! More embossing. Every Christmas project needs a bit of glitz!

Typically, I use modgepodge to adhere the paper. But since this is a UHU project, I got out my Scrapbookers Pen that I had received a few months ago. It is a jelly like glue in a nibbed pen. To my delight, it worked even better than modge podge. It was not messy at all. (Modgepodge can be a mess!!) The jelly-like consistency helped as I wiggled and adjusted the paper to fit just right. The paper didn't stick like the other adhesive.

Again, I used the UHU glue roller to adhere the thin letters together. But then they and the bird were glued down using the scrapbookers glue pen.

While my kids might be dreaming of lego sets, walkie talkies and pogo sticks, I'll be hoping that santa brings me a few more scrapbookers pens and glue rollers from UHU!!


Lin said...

you certainly keep busy...looks like fun.

KOstvig said...

too cute..I love your clip board...