A goal completed!!

Here is my 5th card this week. And with that, I have completed my 5 weekday challenge goal! Hip Hip Hurray!

Today's challenge card took a bit too long b/c I was on the phone with my mom. I never craft very well when I"m chatting. (But that's okay. It's fun to talk with mom!)

Yesterday, I went to pick up Evan from a friend's house. There were 3 kindergarteners and one little sibling there. And guess what they were doing. PLAYING "Red Rover, Red Rover!!" Yes! I've influenced the next generation of kids. haha.

Ken and I went to lunch at Applebee's. He was smart enough to choose something off of the main menu. I tried on of their "Two for $5.99" lunch specials. And well, I knew that the portions would be smaller...but wow...there was barely any food on my plate. Now, he's checking his email and then we'll run to Coldstone Creamery for some icecream. My grandfather gave us a gift card 2 Christmases ago...which we haven't used yet. (Luckily for us, this company doesn't take money off the balance if it sits for a while.)

I hope I can pick something out. The last time we went in there, we were so shocked by the prices and choices, that we walked right back out!


Great Grandma Lin said...

hey, i like your unusual colors in your halloween card. refreshing pink for a witch. you are really going, that happens after you are sick then get feeling better and you are so excited to have new found energy that you just keep going-kind of like this sentence. :-)

Susan said...

so what did you get at cold Stone? Might as well buy something and use up the card. Small portion from Applebees? interesting. I've had their 3fer deal and it was plenty of food...but that was dinner.

wispy willow said...

Interesting how Applebee's went from HEAPS if food that can feed me at least two meals if not three, to a barely there entre. Wierd. Is there no happy medium?

LOVE the witch! Another home run!

Deb said...

This little pink witch is the cutest thing! I like the decorative edges and the cool DP!