Just a quickie to jot down our happenings so I can go back and blog more about them, if I have the time or desire.

Last week was busy, crazy and frustrating!

Cub Scouts started, Soccer started, Brownies started, M* had a bday and then was baptized and confirmed, it was the end of summer, family and inlaws came for a visit, Ken has a mega stressful job, E* is about to start kindergarten, and I'm sure there were other things to add!

In the end, everything was accomplished. Cubs is Ken's department but I think I'm going to have to suck it up and step in and help out cheerfully. Brownies is going to be big and noisy. But McK needs more girls to socialize with so that's great. My assistant coach is more like the coach and he does a fantastic job explaining things to the kids and talking to them at their level. I really consider us co-coaches. M* bday went well...and the baptism and confirmation was very lovely and sweet. The visitors had a fun time...esp. Niko the dog. We enjoyed having a pet for a couple of days and hoped he could stay longer. My parents were able to bring down a van load of things to fill up my home to make it look homier...but now I need to find time to arrange and rearrange the furniture to make things "fit."

We went to the Romeo CHILDREN'S Peach Parade on Monday with Niko and my parents. Typically we go to the later Peach Parade. But this year, we were able to go to the earlier and smaller but just as fun, Children's parade. Ken was disappointed but good thing there will always be another parade to watch!

We were able to have our school blessings with my parents...which is sort of a family tradition. I love it that although we are far apart we seem to be able to do this tradition often at the start of the school year and at the beginning of the calendar year.

As for the first day of school, C* was fine, as he always seems to be. M*'s class seems to have all the new kids in it. The school started a fourth 2nd grade class and we could find no one that we knew who had her teacher. But she came home and said that there were 5 new kids in the class...4 of which are girls. Just what we needed! And all evening she talked said "My Friend" this and "My Friend" that...inreference to one of the new girls who moved up from Alabama and has never seen snow. M* took a little card into school to give to "My Friend" with her name and address and phone number one it. Hopefully "My Friend" can come over very soon.

E*'s teacher is still in flux. Not quite permanently hired b/c of union procedures. (School added another Kindergarten class) He will meet in the music room since there are no more lower elementary classrooms available. He is a bit worried b/c he doesn't have a locker yet. The custodian has to put up one more...which will be his to share with a locker partner. I am hoping it is there on Thursday to ease his first day of school jitters...if he has any.

Funnily enough, when the kids were at the carpet to listen to a story during kindergarten orientation yesterday, E* was next to another seemingly chatty new student. Both boys wanted to comment but did very well at not commenting too much. But compared to the other silent students, they were chatty. It was funny to see that the 2 outgoing kids managed to sit next to each other. Although they are not at the same table, they sit back to back at separate tables. This might be interesting.

I'm sure I"ll have more to add and I'll see about posting pix from the bus stop and of the Labor Day activities. With that, I need to wake E* b/c he is going to have a hard time tomorrow!


Great Grandma Lin said...

good to hear of your joyful family occasions. you have been busy...let the new year begin.

Susan said...

great weekend...we loved it.

KOstvig said...

Ohh Fun...we have some of the same great traditions glad your special Bday and Baptism went well and If I get busy this week...DD might get a late card...Hope thats okay;)

kimlis said...


I am very happy for you that you got to wear that beautiful, special, white dress that Grandma made for your mother. What a way to spend your birthday! Have a great year in school.

Sister Kimmel from your grandma's ward.