Product Reviews...UHU

Recently, I was given some UHU products to review on my blog. I decided that today would be that experiemental day!

First I tried out UHU's Tac...adhesive putty. Back in college, we had to use putty stuff if we wanted to put up posters on our walls. Back then it was some sort of blue-green putty that usually was too hard to roll in your hands or it dried during the year and left spots on the walls.

Tac is white and very easy to knead into a small ball. Squishy but not sticky or gooey. Usually, I use scotch tape to tape up pix that the my kids have created or I tape up cards that friends have sent me. Not only will this Tac save me on my scotch tape expense, but it will make the displayed cards and papers look better without the tape hanging on the way!

I don't even want to post the other side of this door way...where all my bday cards are displayed. Lots of tape! I'll have to revisit this review in a few weeks/months to let you know how the Tac comes OFF the wall! haha.

The next product I tried was UHU Stic...a glue stick. Now, when I started stamping and trying to be frugal, I used a lot of glue sticks. This one is purple so you can see where you put it. Some other glue sticks that I have used tend to "flake off" after they dry. I could peel off layers without damaging the paper. And well..this does the same thing. (All the layers of this card have peeled apart without any difficulty.) While I wouldn't use it for my projects, it would be great for my kids' projects.

The third project which I reviewed today was athe UHU Scrapbookers Pen. Wow...I really liked this pen. I use Scotch liquid adhesive on a regular basis so I am used to liquid glue. The UHU Scrapbookers Pen is a clear, nearly gel-like glue. The neat thing about this pen is it's applicator tip which is beveled. It makes a nice tool for smoothing out the liquid glue on the paper.

The label proclaims:
does not wrinkle paper
precise application
non clogging

I used it on this card...with decorative paper and thicker card stock. Indeed, it does not wrinkle the paper at all. As for non clogging...when I took the lid off, there was a wad of gelled glue that I mearly pulled off with my fingers. Easy, peasy. I did have to actually wash my hands with soap and water to get the residue off my hands. So if you are a messy paper crafter (like me), you will need to be a bit careful about getting this glue on your fingers. Or work near a sink! Don't smear the glue onto parts that will show...it will not wipe off and will leave a mark.

I'm really happy about how it adhered the decorative paper. And the lable says it is idea ofr paper and cardboard. I tried using it for the primas and it was a mess! I ended tossing them and adding more...with less glue. But those didn't stick after they had dried.

So, the UHU Scrapbookers Pen is great for paper...just be careful. I'm not a scrapbooker but I think it would work great on the back of those glossy pictures.


Great Grandma Lin said...

wow you have combined business and pleasure (hobbies). hope you are getting paid or at least some free samples. aunt lin

Susan said...

Say...these are great reviews. Because of them I will head off and buy these the next time. Great advertising. It's always important to have an outsider's view, and not someone bought and paid for by the company.

SarahP.Fuller said...

Thanks Dawn for the review. I'm really glad that the Tac worked for you. It's really handy to have around. But what I'm really excited about is getting a good review and not just good things said but an honest review. I really appreciate it. Thanks Dawn. Come back and visit us at www.gluewithuhu.com