Novi Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival

Today, I went with Jen (aka Miss Boo) to the Novi Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival. It was my first time at such an expo. I thought it would be bigger, but we had plenty of things to see and try!

I ran into Heidi and later RoseAnn and her friend Marie. And of course, I introduced myself to Tracey of Starving Artistamps...who produces my favorite line of quirky stamps...Doodlefactory!

She was pretty busy with demonstrations of their mosaic stamp line. In fact they are pretty awesome. I can't figure out which to add to my collection. The uniform square mosaics or the crumbly piece mosaics. Oh, I'm sure they have better names that that! But I'm leaning towards the crumbly. Not only that, each style has a positive and negative stamp. So well, I'm not the most decisive person so...well...I'm still thinking! haha Here is the example she stamped while I was there:

Heidi said that she was wondering if I had gotten to the SA booth...haha. Yes and I was really good. I only bought the Fairy Tale Princess stamp to go with the castle and 2 dragons. I got a large Ezner the owl and Mimo...b/c he was so woeful looking. I was so incredibly tempted to pick up the Parrot Pirate..but I refrained. Oh and the poppies...I wanted that one too. Okay, so I have a Starving Artistamp wishlist.

While at the Expo Center, I got to try out some liquid mask. It was pretty neat. But it's all about the money thing. Jen and I agreed that we could make a mask with a piece of paper, and put the $14 bucks towards RUBBER.

(And by Rubber we mean RUBBER...not Acrylic. I'm not the only Rubber snob out there! haha)

I also tried my hand at using a Surka glue pen...Ooooh...I would have bought that but they were sold out! We used it on a Thomas Kinkaid stamp which have been pretty popular lately. Squint, I'm sure you'll see the sparkles! haha. Okay, seriously, it's lovely in real life. I'll have to figure out how to get better pictures!

We made a small note pad on the Bind It All...pretty cool...still with that would arrive in my stocking! hehe. It is plain but after I decorate it, I will upload it here. I saw Judith of StampsbyJudith do a bunch of demos...wow can she make things look easy. Jen and I were so incredible tempted to buy the tree with all the little "ornaments." Only they were hearts and candy canes, flowers, bees, popcorn, ghosts, buttons...just about anything you could think of! haha. But, I decided that I would hand draw a tree and stamp in the objects from Year Round Fun 2...We'll see how that turns out!

I saw a lot of the acrylic scrapbooks and bunches of bottle caps...I don't understand those! And of course tons of stamps. But this had to be the show stopper!! Miss Boo is holding it...

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!??! Why am I not starting my own stamp company? Really. B/c I know what I would love to see. Candy apples, poppies, strawberries...haha. Oh yeah...and trees with little items that aren't so pricey!

Oh, and I nearly forgot...Jen made a fabulous SCS name tag..and someone noticed it...another Splitcoaster of course. BDeyes9...aka Bev...who was the sweetest lady and fun to chat with for a bit. If you are Bev's kids and are reading this...get your mom tutored on how to upload her stamp creations on SCS. I wanna see them!

What else did I buy? Some EZmount for a good price and some new storage pages for unmounted stamps. I bought 5...and now I think I should have splurged...buy 10, get one free. But I'm happy with 5 for now.


Great Grandma Lin said...

what a temptation not to buy the whole store. fun idea to make your own stamps...very creative hobby.

Lulu said...

Dawn I am sooooooooooo jealous. I wanted to go to Novi so bad this weekend, but it just doesn't work for my schedule. I always went to the one in Grand Rapids, but they cancelled it this year - BOO HOO. I've always walked away learning something new at there. I'm so disappointed that I can't make it this weekend, but I am glad you shared your experience today. Have fun playing with your new stuff!

Rose Ann said...

Hey Dawn...it was soooo good to see you and Jen again!! I didn't even think to get a picture. Shucks!! Great pictures!! :D

Jan Scholl said...

I went, I saw, I spent-and only saw half the sales. my feet hurt. my wallet hurts even more and then I went to Stampeddler in Norhville to make myself even more guilty.

Elley said...

Hey Dawn-sounds like you had a wonderful time. But I have a question - at the end of your post you said you bought storage pages for unmounted stamps, I have been looking for these and can't find them, can you tell me where to get them. I am starting to accumulate alot of unmounted stamps and don't know what to do with them. Those pages sound like exactly what I need. (Notice I didn't say wanted, I said NEED). LOL

Thank you........Ellen

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the pics! And let me know if you change your mind and start your own line ;o)

Barb Nelson said...

Looks like you had a great time!!

DoodleFactory said...

That's so cool! I guess the only way I'm ever going to meet Tracey is if she does a stamp show in California!