Angel Eyes

You know, you can find pretty much anything online these days. Tonight on youtube.com, I was looking up old songs that I used to listen to in high school. For my high school sweetheart and I, "Angel Eyes" by Jeff Healey Band was "our song." It's sort of a one-hit wonder I suppose. But then, that just might be the best sort of love song. haha.

On youtube, you can post comments after videos and there I read that Jeff Healey had passed away. More investigation revealed that he died early in March of this year. Perhaps he was really only a one-hit wonder to high schoolers and their music. B/c his list of accomplishments is longer than I previously knew. He was an impressive muscian, despite being blind.

So, I suppose this is my tribute to him. Thanks for performing such a song for a love sick teenager in Ohio. haha. Thanks for the memories. Back then, pretty much all my memories are connected with a song.

I believe it was Homecoming Dance at Avon Highschool, during my Junior year, when my boyfriend took a cassette tape of this song to the DJ and asked him to play it with a dedication to me. (Shall I post of pix of us that night? haha Maybe I'll dig one out and scan it in. Maybe!)

Here is another memory connected to this song:

One day, I was in a drug store with my mom and sister Cara. We were picking out hair dye...choosing a new color. And all of the sudden, I started BAWLING. My mom was frustrated with me and said "Hey, if you don't like the color, then don't color your hair!" (Or something to that effect.) Well, I had started crying b/c this song had just started playing in the store. It had been a couple of years since my boyfriend and I broke up, but it was painful to hear "our song" again. Just the first few notes started the tears...probably even before my mind comprehended what the song even was. I said I was love sick didn't I!

Of course I can chuckle over it now. Don't you just love music! It certainly does stir up emotions...of all kinds!


Terry said...

Oh Dawn,

I remember him from The movie Road house a ways back. I grew up loving this song too.

Elley said...

AHHHHHH, I know what you mean. I have on my jukebox on my blog a song called Wildfire, I still can cry to that song today, cuz it has the same special memories as you spoke of here. Needless to say I listened to Angel Eyes and I don't remember that song at all. Sorry! It is good to have these memories though, is it?

Rochelle W said...

Although this song wasn't one of "our songs" when I had boyfriends, I have always loved it too. In fact I have it on my i-pod. I got a CD of Monster Ballads and this song was on it.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how songs give rise to emotions.....(I could go on and on about certain songs and what they do to me...but I'll just agree with you right now and leave it at that!)

Susan said...

I love music...sorry I didn't know you were crying over missing Jeff. I sure would like to know what happened to him....and I know you do, too.

I hear Cherish and think about Fred...without tears for the relationship but definitely with tears for what he became.

Mrs. Coleman said...

I have also loved that song, but have a different "spin" to put on it! My ex and I had a cocker spaniel that we bred. She had 8 puppies - little darlings for us to sell. I decided to give each of them a "puppy name" and decided to use "oldies" songs with names in them. We had "Rockin Robin," "Randolph Scott" (as in "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott by the Statler Brother), and, yes, you guessed it, "Angel Eyes."

Thanks Dawn, for the memories.