Halloween revisited

Years ago, when I was quite young, Halloween fell on a Sunday. The city decided that trick or treating would indeed be on Sunday. My parents called us in for a Family Home Evening and reminded us the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy. They suggested that instead of trick or treating on Sunday, we could have a Halloween party on Saturday. Although we'd miss the candy, we agreed to follow their counsel and forego candy that year.

Tonight, my 8 year old ds C* was invited to a slumber party. They were supposed to swim and frolic, but when the weather turned disagreeable to this, the mother called and said that the boys would go to a movie instead...a PG-13 movie called "Hancock." I kindly said that I didn't want to open that door so soon and that C* would join the party after they returned from the movie.

I hung up and told him about the situation. I immediately hugged him and he seemed okay with it. A few minutes later I reminded him that Heavenly Father was pleased with his decision to choose the right and I knew it wasn't always fun to miss out on bday parties that were held on Sundays and now a movie that was PG13. He responded, "Heavenly Father is pleased with you for teaching me the right things." Awwwwwwwwwww...what a kids!

As I continued with my cleaning, I really did feel bad for him. It's never fun to be that straight and narrow one...although in the long run, it's for the best. Not too many minutes past when the mother called me back. B/c a few other boys' parents didn't want their kids to see a PG-13 movie before they were 13 years old, the host decided that the boys could have their pick...go see the PG13 movie...or see the animated "Kung Fu Panda." I thanked her for being flexible and said that C would be on his way over for the movies.

I told C* to get on his shoes so I could drive him over in the rain to his buddy's house. As we were leaving, he asked me, "Do you think that this is my reward for choosing the right, Mom?" I replied, "It may not be a reward but it sure is a nice blessing. This mom changed her mind after you and a few other boys stood up for what you know to be right/correct. Although there were others with the same values this time, sometimes you will have to stand alone. And regardless if you get a reward, you need to choose the right."

I'm glad that he had this lesson and such a positive outcome just as I had one on that Halloween that fell on Sunday. We made preparations for the party and passed out invites. A few days before the 31st, the city decided that trick or treating would indeed happen on SATURDAY. Therefore...we got our party AND ate the candy too! A little blessing...but one that reinforced the importance of choosing the right.


Heather D. ~ Fresh Brewed Designs said...

That is AWESOME !! thanks for sharing that story! It touched my heart.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Good Connor and Good job, Mom!

Susan said...

you were absolutely correct. And what's worse is that mom could NOT have read the reviews. That movie is pure trash. Besides that she cannot take kids under 13 to the movies without their own parent in attendance....at least that's the way it has always been. She's nuts!

And yes,,,,I hope that reversal of movies choice as well as the Halloween party/Trick n Treating change were rewards for standing up for something. Hooray for the good guys.

Renee said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful mom and now you're a wonderful mom to! I'm proud of C for not throwing a fit like most kids would do and for knowing what was right and wrong. That means you are doing a great job :)

Great Grandma Lin said...

way to go and a nice story to add to your wonderful family traditions to be carried on in the next generation. pat yourself on the back-good job. love, aunt lin