Power Outage

Sunday afternoon...just before the start of a storm...we lost our power.

Never fear, we were completed prepared for such an emergency and have gone through them before. Luckily, this one lasted 36 hours. We have gone 5 days with out power and water in the past.

Although it was hot, we were blessed with a breeze. So I kept all the winodws open and let the air circulate the house. It kept things bearable inside.

Our generator kept our food cold/frozen. And last night, when it became unbearable, I plugged a fan into it! haha. Sunday night passed and McK* thought it would be fun to have no power. Fun until I told her that no power meant no pool b/c the pool couldn't open without it. Then, it was not fun at all. Plus with the generator running where the kids typically play, I could not let them splash in the hose or squirt things with the water bottles. All the same, the day passed pleasantly enough.

I even finished Villette...though I'm sure I missed subtle things in the novel owing to the French dialogs that I couldn't complete decipher. But oh! What of that ending? I'm going to ask Barb who announced it was her favorite book on my last entry!

Now, to vaccum the house and do the laundry.


Great Grandma Lin said...

wow you are prepared, last night we were without the internet for hours and hours so i got my desk cleaned off and worked on some others projects offline. but we don't have a generator...how many days can you last without electricity? it's hard to imagine my grandma's day when they had no electricity or frigs or washers or telephones or tv or radios. we are directly tied to electricity in our lives and certainly take it for granted.

Renee said...

No power...that stinks! At least you're prepared! I wouldn't like being without power at all!


QuiltNut Creations said...

wow Dawn, i can't handle it when our power goes out for a few hours, i can't imagine 36 lol!

Barb Nelson said...

I missed lots in Villette!! It's on my list of books to re-read (I read it over 10 years ago!!)

Your PIF is done, check out my blog.

Suzanne said...

Just thought I would leave a comment, hope you dont mind. I cant believe you had no power for that long, amazing. I love your card on the post below, what a great stamp that sad robot is.

Great Grandma Lin said...

is your power still out? aunt lin