PIF...wanna play???

My good friend Barb had a PIF challenge on her blog. Knowing what a fantastic crafter she is, I volunteered to keep the game going!

She surprised me with this gorgeous knit scarf, seen here in process:

And now I must continue the PIF.

So here's the deal. The first three people who leave a comment on this post will receive a handmade item made by me. Probably not knitted, but I do crochet webkinz clothes if you have a youngester!! But there's a catch - there's always a catch isn't there?? If you comment that you would like to receive an item, you need to PIF to three more people. I think this is a nice way to spread a little kindness into the blog-o-sphere. So come on......make a comment......you know you want to!!

Oh and today's challenge on SCS was to use rickrack. I made a thank you card for Barb. (I got the image from Jenifer VanPelt...another SCSer.)

So who wants to get into the game?


InspiredByInk said...

Seriously... no one has replied? Am I #1 or do the comments have to be approved? One can only hope right? heheh

My 5 yr old daughter has a webkin so any clothes you'd like to make for it, or have made for it I will gladly take.

I will also be happy to PIF. How many PIFs do I need to do?

Thanks a bunch Dawn!!

Bobbie *Ü*

Great Grandma Lin said...

me I do, but I'd like a homemade card or two instead of something knitted. then I'll send some jeweled bookmarks to whoever wants to play it forward on my blog. didn't get much response last time i tried it, but whatever. aunt lin

Anonymous said...

Can't even begin to believe I'm #3-YIKES. I would be HONORED to receive ANYTHING handmade by you! COUNT ME IN. You have such an amazing BLOG-I think evey single thing you have posted I have wanted to CASE-But not enough hours in the days. Thanks for this wonderful post. Kadie Labadie

Anonymous said...

Whew, I'm kind of glad I missed being one of the first three . . . You know I can't pass up a good PIF, but I am also out straight right now and I know it would have been a stretch for me to find the time to make and mail three things . . . plus, I don't have a blog. Anyhow, it was exciting to see my name mentioned on your blog! Great job with the Knitabella.

Jenifer VanPelt

Barb Nelson said...

Woohoo.....looks like you got some great PIF'ers Dawn!! Congrats!