I'm it!

Renee of MyLife'sInkyEscape tagged me. I was going to wait until tomorrow but was bored...so here I go!

1) Ten years ago: I was a newlywed teaching art and music at Gibson School for the Gifted. While it was supposed to be a school for bright kids, I found them to be snarky, rude and full of attitude! I told the director that I was done right before spring break...she begged me to stay through the school year. Which I did b/c I am someone who finishes what I start...even though it was a miserable experience.

2) 5 things in todays ”to do”-list- : Well, Sundays are a day of rest so my to do list is going to run into Monday.
A. Get in on the Hatch Family Sunday night IM chat...so fun to hear what everyone is up to since we live far apart.
B. Go to the post office to mail some stamp sets that I've sold or traded. If you are interested in my list, click here.
C. Mop the kitchen floor. It was bad before I cut my finger...and my injury delayed it for a week. So you can imagine what a state the floor is now!
D. Get ready for my last Brownie Meeting...yeah.

E. Go to the last Pack Meeting of the year and watch C* become a Bear Cubscout! Growl!

3) Snacks I enjoy: Fresh hot chocolate chip cookies, right out of the oven...nothing better. Esp. when you can eat the dough along while you bake!

4) Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Buy a block of houses in Sheffield Lake...from 809 to 3830...Knock them down...and rebuild...and move the entire family there. haha. More realistically, send my parents on a riverboat cruise, have an awesome stamp/craft room and never sell any more stamps and buy Nesties without hesitation, buy a puppy for the Kennedy family...Actually I could go on and on. hehe.

5) Places I have lived:
Sheffield Lake, OH (aka Paradise)
Oxford, OH
Bamberg Germany
Centerville, OH
Bellville, Westland, Canton, Orion, MI

Now...who will be next? I did lose my bookmarks and I haven't found everyone's blog yet. Here are five:



Great Grandma Lin said...

well, that was interesting, don't know what the questions were. check out my blog for brook's trip to india for his work...what were you doing in germany? i love chocolate chip cookies too, who doesn't?

sounds like you are keeping busy and your finger is healing. even washing the kitchen floor, i need to do that too and i have no excuse. this morning my husband was telling me that when the boy scouts have their 100th world jamboree in 2010 that he had attended their 50th in colorado springs.

amazing when you get older all you have to remember. aunt lin

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about your personal life Dawn...always makes the cyber friends more "real"

Terry said...

Hey Dawn, This was Fun. It was so nice catching up. THanks for including me with your list. Have a great Day. Hugs Terry

Terry said...

Dawn, Thank you for including me in this. It was so great to catch up. You're super have a great day!! Hugs Terry