New 'Dos!

C* was in dire need of a haircut today. After school, I took the 3 kids. Of course, then E* wanted his cut. And surprise, surprise...M*, who just 24 hours ago did NOT want a chin length cut...was asking for a chin length cut!

The back of her style is a bit higher..but only slightly. We comprimised...the first of so many as she gets older!


Susan said...

oh my goodness! I think those new 'dos made the kids suddenly look so much older. and is McKenna a Hillary now...first the BBW shelf and now the hair. Cool

Great Grandma Lin said...

cute kids, they will grow up fast, enjoy each day. love, aunt lin

Renee said...

They look so cute with the new hair
cuts! What a good looking family you have :)

Heather "Hev" said...

Very smart :)

If the hardest comprimises are hair cuts - then you have it made :)

What a beautiful smile too :)

Anonymous said...

but I have to know...what is the post it note on the lamp say? lol