Clean Bill of Health

I ended up going to the doctor's office today to get my finger checked. I got a clean bill of health...was told I did the right thing for my finger...and just to continue uing neosporin...and I don't need the metal brace.

Whoa! I don't need it? haha

I went to the park with E and the one bandaid the doc reapplied. After a few minutes on the playpark structure, I got out my first aid kit...added a couple more bandaids and taped that metal sucker back on! I could see the wound...the band aid isn't big enough to cover it!

So now, I'm down to one bandaid...and gently typing!

Thanks for all the sympathy. I know I'm a baby. Ellen from CA even said she would have brought me dinner....aaaah..You're a sweetie!


Great Grandma Lin said...

fingers heal quickly, just be carefu and keep it covered. now you appreciate all your fingers more don't you. they are all necessary for typing. what did we do before we typed? we all had better penmanship. that's for sure. take care. aunt lin

Lisa said...

I'm glad your finger is getting better. Does this mean you can do laundry??! smiley face :}

Stampinsilvia said...

ohhhh you poor little thing! Glad you went to the docs though and good to see that you don't need the brace anymore...maybe you can stamp now!