Amazing discovery...

Today, I noticed our very industrious (and 8 months pregnant) neighbors were busily tending their flower beds, bushes and "park." Our houses back to a wooded, at times swampy, "park." Most call it a wetlands...but officially, it's still a park. So, of course, we started sprucing up our side of the woods. As we helped move some logs for Mr. D, I thought it might be nice to have a clearing for the boys to ramble in so that was done. Picked up trash...found a sprinkler head...more garbage...(where did that sprinkler head come from?)...a broken up bird house...more garbage. More cleaning up/talking with the neighbors.

Then it hit me!

That wasn't a bird house, it was an old fairy house!!

So McK* and B*, the neighbor girl, ran up to the garage to rescue it from the garbage bag. Ken kindly nailed it back together and then onto a tree. The kids gathered stones which have been arranaged several times already.

M* finding the exact spot the house is supposed to be!

Scouting for rocks!

Dad helping by erecting the fairy house.

Fairy house!

Arranging and Rearranging rocks and stones for the new tenants.

A very happy McK hanging out in a woodland fairy paradise.
E* hamming it up...or being a troll...
Considering that he was the most helpful today, he's hamming it up AND we're having his favorite food for dinner tonight...Hawaiian Haystacks!

I can hardly wait for the fairies to move in. I bet they will rearrange those rocks since they are on the large size. McK says they will be able to "fly up" to the opening. Also she wants us to post a sign on our roof saying that there was an available fairy house on our property. I assured her that the animals would tell any wandering woodland fairy about the home. All these years...and a fairy house abandoned!


Susan said...

a fairy house? a fairy house? how cool is that! And McKenna sure looks thrilled. Can't wait to see if the fairies spell out words with the rocks.

Great Grandma Lin said...

wow how did i survive to such an old age and never knew a thing about fairy houses that they look just like bird houses? i did read fairy tales as a young girl and believed in them until my fairy tale marriage ended in divorce. interesting and fun day it sounds for your little family-great you can get outside. it was 75 degrees today and we actually took a ride around the town and went out for hamburgers between conference sessions. love spring.....aunt lin

Judy Rozema said...

I love the guardian troll!! Fun times with fairy houses! I LOVE the frog!!!

Stampin_Melissa said...

How cool is that? I never knew about fairy houses until your blog. Now educate me about Hawaiian Haystacks! LOL!

Jan Scholl said...

and it's mortgage free! will a house warming be far behind?

QuiltNut Creations said...

very cute!

wispy willow said...

This is Caryn... Lin's friend.

I LOVE the FAIRY HOUSE!!! My kids and I used to leave tea and itsy bitsy cookie crumbs on a doll's porcelain tea set under the wisteria bushew for the woodland and flower fairies. My daughter thought they used the wisteria blossmms for summer hats. I'd remove the crumbs from the plate, empty the teacup, and sprinkle opalescent glitter lightly about the area after the kids went to sleep. In the morning they'd be all excited to find "fairy dust" outside.
We're firm believers in little folk in our family.

We have a few Fairy rings on our property, now. I can't wait to find the perfect birdhouse and help the grandkids find just the right spot in the grove to place it. What a fun, fun idea!! Thanks for sharing!

Is it allright if I borrow the idea?