Happy Earth Day!

What are YOU doing today?

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We have Brownies today and will be working on the Eco-Exploreres TryIt. Some of our activites: nature walk, learning about habitats and what animals need, food chains and bird feeders!


Great Grandma Lin said...

I'm going to plant some daisies and other perennials in my asparagus garden so I can have cut flowers during the summer and not just a few asparagus in the spring and then huge plants that take up lots of space all year. Does that count for earth day? Aunt Lin

Barb Nelson said...

I've had a rough Earth day so far. Ds had surgery this morning (out-patient) and is still cranky. But enjoy you Earth day!!

Kristine said...

Hi Dawn!! Well, obviously I'm not taking advantage of the "NO SCREEN TIME WEEK", Lol. It's suppose to be "No TV WEEK" but my DD said it includes computer time, so I failed. I'm home with a sick girl today, but I did go get her homework from her teacher and we worked on a li'l science project having to do with hot/cold water and what food coloring does when you pour it into each. I know, I know...it's not planting trees or saving the polar bears, but hey--staying home means we're saving gasoline, so that's SOMETHING!! LOL. Have a great day!!

Lisa said...

I am using my klean kanteen everyday (http://www.kleankanteen.com/) instead of plastic water bottles. I spread the word today that plastic bottles take petroleum to produce.
Happy earth day!