First soccer practice...Check!

Tonight was my first soccer practice as a coach.

Coach Dawn and E*

It went pretty well. I was told that we would have 4 players and this level (U4) only plays 4 at a time. One goalie, 3 palyers. Which meant no substitutes for the game. But one woman and her son switched over to our team. So now we have 5 players and an assistant coach. "Coach Frankie," as she would like to be called, actually plays soccer. She will be a great help for us. Though it was a little...unnerving?...to see her walking up with soccer shoes on! haha. But she was very kind and easy to work with. And I had someone to verify my coaching advice. While I know about soccer, I haven't actually played it on a team or taught it. So tonight went like this:

Me to a soccer player: When you are the goalie, you want to stand a little in front of the goal. If you are standing in the goal, and catch ball, it will count as a score.

Then me to Coach Frankie: Right?

Haha. Double checking is always good...right?

She was great and hopefully didn't thing I was too green. Our first game is on Saturday. Oh yeah...and we're the STRIKERS!


Great Grandma Lin said...

I can just feel what you were feeling. Try teaching soccer on college level as a dancer to female jocks who know it all. The important thing is being with your son and helping out. You will learn tons and soon be the expert to train the next green soccer coach. Way to go! Aunt Lin

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You are a stud and you look SKINNY!!!

Renee said...

The two of you look great :) Way to go you soccer mom you!

Lisa said...

Hey great job! You'll have lots of fun and lots of laughs. When my son was in 1st grade I was the assistant coach for tee ball. Wow, I learned a lot!
GO Strikers!
(A blog reader from CA)