Fairy Breaking News...

C* just came to the door and said something to me, undistinguishable. B/c he mutters a lot when he talks. But what I did catch was the fact that he called ME the "tooth fairy." This morning, he said that the tooth fairy didn't come. I said, "Tooth fairy? I guess you stayed up too late watching the Star Wars movie with Dad. So the tooth fairy couldn't get your tooth."

Well, this evening, he's telling me that "he knows" I'm the tooth fairy. And last night was "his little test." His tooth fell out during school and he didn't tell me. Boy, it's a little hard to admit, yes I'm the tooth fairy. So I asked, "Do you want me to be the tooth fairy?" "Yes."

So I'm the tooth fairy. Then he says, "And, you are the pokemon fairy." Well, okay...the fairy talk...You have to believe or the fairies stop coming. And if you tell your brother or sister, the fairies STOP coming.

I'm still not sure what M* and C* understand about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. I am leary b/c of what happened over 25 years ago. My sister Cara learned about Santa.

So, I figured that meant that she knew about the Easter Bunny...right? (Come on now. If you are the tooth fairy, you gotta be the Pokemon fairy...oh wait...we really did have a Pokemon fairy, not me...who mailed the kids candy and cards when I was on vacation. hehe.) Back to my childhood story...so I said something about the Easter Bunny being mom and dad (can't remember what)...AND CARA DIDN'T KNOW ABOUT THE EASTER BUNNY! I felt to incredibly aweful!

As my kids ask and figure these mythical childhood events, I tread carefully...

and hope that they can play along with me!

PS>...M* still needs a fairy door!


Great Grandma Lin said...

tooth fairy, santa claus, easter bunny, etc. i remember being so disappointed when i found out that my mom had lied tome about santa claus...so i decided not to play that game with my boys so from the first we tongue and cheeked it....pretended without lying. a very tricky situation. now i have grandkids who do believe in santa claus so i have to tiptoe around that. aunt lin

Jan Scholl said...

so the gnomes in my back yard aren't real? and the trolls under the bridges-not real? no I refuse to not believe. phooey on growing up.

Unknown said...

Haha, this is such a cute story!!