Crazy Hair Day 2008

DS, C*, remembers most everything. Albeit, at times it is nearly on the late side. The kids were eating breakfast this morning as I was making lunches when C* announced that "today is Crazy Hair Day." Well...you know that meant that I had a lot more to do than make lunches before the bus got here! haha. But being a child of the 80's...if I can't do it, then I should have lived in a different decade!

C*'s hair already needs a haircut so his spike hair went quite high. Luckily we had some super powerful hair gel/coloring. M* accepted a side pont tail instead of the side "bun" that she originally wanted. Three stripes of hot pink hair product and a layer or 5 of hair spray held the pony tail all day! C*'s hair stood the test of a day at school, an afternoon at a friends house...AND a soccer practice!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

great job, Dawn!

Great Grandma Lin said...

what will they think of next, encouraging the kids to be punks!!! bet they loved it!