Computer Rock Star...

Seriously, my mom is a computer rock star. I sort of just blindly fuddle around until I figure what's what.

Earlier today, I thought I'd get a new background for my blog. But as you can see, it didn't happen. As I was clicking/looking at my background options, on the same site that I always use...my computer caught a bug.

And not just one bug...but many viruses/spywares/I don't even know what it sucked up. Avast, which has worked wonders for me...picked up 12 of them. But still...my computer was slow and slowing down even more so. I downloaded a spyware destroyer...which caught probably 100 more cases...but it just didn't clear them all out.

Without any help from the resident "expert," I fuddled and muddled...and as we speak, I think my computer has been recovered! (Crossing fingers here. We obviously have 2 computers set up for the internet here in the computer room.) I did save some files to a disk. So I guess we'll see what sort of shape I'm in soon enough. Not sure about the internet and I will have to reload MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger, avast, my bookmarks...ooh my bookmarks. Guess I'll be starting all over in that department!

I just looked over my shoulder and sure enough...it's rebooting. Slowly. I guess I'm pretty clever. Maybe even a Computer Rock Star. haha.

On a somber note, my dear grandfather is leaving this earthy exsistance as I write this. Today...rather yesterday now that it's past midnight, is the 4 year anniversary of my grandmother's death. And it very well might be the anniversary of my grandfather's passing. He turned 90 this year and I have a pix of us at his surprise party. (I'll upload it if I am able to reapply the printers/scanners/webcam.) We called him BonPapa and he was just the best grandfather you could ask for. He taught me and my siblings songs and told us stories about his youth. Some of which were true and some of which were tall tales. When I was 12 or so, he could still do a dive, jumping off the high dive at the local pool, bouncing on his bum and then diving into the water. We were pretty pleased and proud of him. Bonpapa is thoughtful and service oriented person I know...except for my Dad. In recent years, I called im on the phone very regularly. And in recent months, when we were getting off...he'd tell me how much he loved me and how much Gunner loved me. When I saw him, he'd tell me that I was getting more and more beautiful every time he saw me. Oh and the courtesy that he showed others. He always dropped us off in front of a store or drove the car around to pick us up when we were younger.

I"m sure I could go on and on. But it's terribly late and I have soccer team pix in the morning. Wish me luck getting the other computer up to par.


Great Grandma Lin said...

sorry to hear of your grandfather's ill health but just remember the wonderful reunion he'll have with your grandmother...we're off to a wedding this morning. hope your computer survives...keep backing up the important stuff. good luck. aunt lin

Renee said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa but you will see him again some day and that's a promise! And just think he won't have any health issues either!