Another view.

Have you ever been told that other people are sometimes totally unaware of what you do? Maybe that is not the right way of saying it. Or sometimes what bothers you has no bearing on another person.

Well, there is a couple of kids were continually "going to tell on" my son C* at church for things that have no bearing and are meaningless. I have heard these siblings say this repeatedly. Now I know, C* is oblivious to them.

Yesterday our Primary (Church Sunday School) had their annual talent show. This year is was significantly smaller than in the past probably b/c it was held on a Saturday morning. In between acts, there was riddle telling and any time C*, along with other kids, called out or laughed out, this one girl would turn around and SHHHHH him. Being a row behind them, I saw the whole thing. Well, one boy got up to "build a Bionicle lego set very quickly" as his talent. He is a friend of C's too. So as soon as he started building, C started counting, out loud, "1, 2, 3!" Of course this other child turned around and glared and SHHHHHHed him. But C kept on going..."4, 5, 6..." By the time "8" was called out, he wasn't the only one counting. And before the end of the the counting, this girl was also counting along with the crowd..."40, 41, 42..."

It took our friend 63 seconds to build a bionicle...his record! (He told us later that his record was 2 minutes. hehe.) And C was the hero...he got the crowd to involved, he cheered on his pal, and he (whether he knew it or not) ignored someone who was trying to rain on his parade.

Later in the car I asked him if he noticed this other girl who kept turning aroud and SHHHHHing him. (She sat right in front of him.) And he had no idea that had happened. To him, he was enjoying the show and eager to root on his friend.

(Pictures to come...)

I certainly learned a lesson in this. Though I'm probably still going to be annoyed when I get annoyed. I at least have age on my side and grumble on the inside...instead of shhhhing outloud! haha.

As for the talents that my kids showcased?

C* told about 6 jokes of his own...although he had things written on a paper, he only glanced at it 2 times to remember which joke came next. He did not read them off like the other joke tellers, to which I am a proud mama! C is very composed when speaking in front of others.

After a battle over jumproping (which she can not do...long story there), as we were pulling out of the drive way, I had Ken stopt he car, and run into the house for the mini tramp...just in case McK changed her mind about jumproping. After sitting in the back seat with her and talking softly to her, she realized that she does "practice" a lot on the mini tramp. So, she wowed the crowed with her feats of leg moments and bounces!

E must be musical like so many in our family. A week or 2 ago, he composed a song and melody which we have song together as a family in the car. Yesterday he hopped right up to the microphone when his name was called and delivered the song without prompting!

Heavenly Father loves us all, loves us all, loves us all!
Heavenly Father loves us all, every day.

I remember the first year that our Primary put on this talent showcase. C was 3 and wanted his talent to be "eating a cupcake." I made up a batch of cupcakes...and in front of a large crowd of spectators, he ate the cupcake!

Aren't childhood talents awesome! Care to share some of your own lesser known or childhood talents with me??


Anonymous said...

Your story reminds me of when my oldest was in kindergarten....the elementary school had a "music marathon" in which the kids who wished could share their musical talents. At the time my sone did not play an instrument or carry a tune. He decided that he was going to "play his harmonica" (the child DID NOT play the harmonica!). I was worried that kids would laugh at him so I discussed it with the teacher in charge. She said to let him do it. So *G got up and "played his harmonica". Lesson for mommy?...no one laughed, but applauded loudly, he was oblivious to the fact that he could not play and mommy learned that sometimes you have to take a leap vs being afraid to do something that you think you can't.

Great Grandma Lin said...

what ambitious talented kids...wasn't it a pet show? what happened to the pets? the only talent i can think of as a child was dressing up and pretending to be someone glamorous with scarfs and jewelry, hats etc. it was so fun. adults forget how to have fun. aunt lin