A COMPLETE Lunar Eclipse tonight

Wow WEE!

It is still going on and it is impressively amazing. My mom would have loved to be here to see it in these crystal clear skies that we are blessed with tonight. I've spent the last 2+ hours running upstairs, downstairs, down to the basement where we have sliding glass doors (walkout)...then back up to check on some computer sites, back down and up again.

We saw the moon as it was becoming a complete eclipse. Tried waking up M and C...M got up reluctantly and rather for a very short period of time. C got up slowly and was up for a while. I don't know why he's tired tonight of all nights! Even Ken has gone to bed an hour earlier than normal. E was up until a few minutes ago. But he's 4 and it's nearly midnight.

Moon update: 3/4 of the way out of the eclipse!

And ooh the stars that were visible tonight! Constellations...Cassiopia, Orion, Sirius, Big Dipper...this other Y looking one which I know I saw on some website earlier... Oh, I think it is the horns from Tarus!

Moon update: still a bite or so left...and about 20 more mintues left in the eclipse!

**Now I know why my mom and dad would wake us up for eclipses! wowee!

Google Earth had some sort of thing set up with another program so you could see the night sky from your location. But I couldn't it to work. I was hoping to see the blue/green lights that sometimes come with eclipses...but didn't. The red moon was awesome though!

I wonder if a lot of babies are being born tonight....

So glad the moon has moved. Now I can run to the front door to see it. Instead of going to the basement or balcony which is in the back of the house.

Oh Mom...you really missed a great show tonight!

4 more minutes...at there is only a sliver left in the shadow...

Wait...2 more minutes...I'm heading back into the cold to see it!


Jan Scholl said...

I tried to see it but had to do a Nyquil run for hubby. I have seen so many but the prettiest was in july in Canada when I was 8. The sky was so clear and unpolluted. It was clear tonite too but I was driving and when I got home, the dogs were nuts. all the online sites crashed from traffic with real time video. I will live to see many more I think. Solar one coming this summer. August I htink

Great Grandma Lin said...

well, we had cloudy skies but warm temps...i tried to look but only saw clouds. great photos. your mom was looking also. fascinating universe we have for us to appreciate...aunt lin

Jen said...

That is so awesome! How cool to know that when you were looking at it, so were we. It was amazing here in the Pacific NW as well.

Thanks for the blog posts. How fun to read your excitment!

QuiltNut Creations said...

wasn't it fantastic? the moon wasn't orange here-wish it had of been