Listening to those who are wiser...

Okay...I should have listened to my mom. She has been "reminding" me for the last several weeks how my grandmother "always said" that guests should never be asked to bring things to a party. Maybe it was a warning from my grandmother from beyong the grave b/c I do not know why Mom kept talking about it lately. But well...I bucked my regular trend of being the hostess with the mostest. Typically, I provide all the food...or pretty much all the food. Lately I've been so busy with life that I took people up on their offer of bringing some of the food for the baby luncheon that I am hosting here tomorrow.

And well...it just wasn't easier than if I had bought and prepared all the food myself. First of all...there's the overall worry about everything in general. Then I felt sheepish for actually saying "yes" when people asked if they could help. Over the last couple of days, I've had a flurry of late RSVPers. So then you add the worry of not enough food. Then I had to politely call/email the few people who are bringing food and gently inquire how much they were bringing...without actually coming out and saying "Hey, we have a flurry of people coming and I need a lot of food." (Though my bestest friend did read between the lines and said she'd bring 2 pans of corn bread.) One lady said that women don't eat very much when they are together. (She does not host parties.) I kindly said that is just not the case since I have had many parties with stay at home moms and their kids and the "adult" food is devoured...plain and simple.

And just so I can use the "f" word again...there are a lot of snow flurries coming down this evening and all night long...up to 4 inches. This just fits in with my party tradition. Before each and every party, there is a storm. Whether it is snow or rain...it is a BIG storm.

I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't result in a snow day. Then the 19 kids will be 34. That is busting into Pokepalooza proportions. And well..I live in MI where there is a bunch of snow. If worse comes to worse, I'll have to pull out some hot cocoa...tell the kids to bring their snow sleds and gear and call the shower a "sledding party!"


Robin said...

three cheers for best friends. but it's a good lesson. for everyone. and me, especially. i have a party coming up in February, a sorta shower for a bride/groom. i worried someone would ask if they could bring stuff and i might knuckle under and agree. now that you have reminded me of my own rules, that will not happen. thanks.

there will NOT be a snow day tomorrow. you live in MI...they know about snow, right?

Jill said...

Good luck with the party! I'm sure everything will be just fine and as far as the food is concerned just keep thinking loaves and fishes. There will be enough!