It's heredity!

So, a few minutes ago, we were eating lunch. It was just me, C* and Mck* left at the table...quietly sitting.

Out of nowhere, C* burts out, "O-H!" And I quickly responded, "I-O!"

Then a pause...and I asked, "Did you just want to see if I would respond?' He said yes! haha.

So I guess this is a case for Nature Vs. Nurture. You can take the mom out of Ohio, but her kids will still be loyal Buckeyes!


gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

gift to come for connor

Lin said...

And if he had said "U", would you have said "tah"? probably not as your mom has brainwashed you all. HaHaHa! Your aunt who lives in U-tah!