I stink!

Seriously, I smell...very nicely! haha.

E* and I ran a few errands and stopped off at Bath and Body Works. My brother and his wife gifted us with a BBW gift card this Christmas. I went into the store a few days before the holiday thinking I'd buy something for everyone and then the kids would have something to unwrap. But I couldn't decide. Then Hillary told me that there are big sales AFTER Christmas.

So, here are the goods NB2! Can you smell them! (No wonder Jordan married Hillary. Just walking into that store makes you smell good. She must always just smell delightful!!) Thanks for the gift and the shopping spree. E* was a great help...and he doesn't seem to like anything that says it's "mint." All this for 51 cents. My only disappointment was that I was going for the mandrin soap and could not find any. But as we were waiting in line, I spied a basket full of them behind the counter marked "hold." Someone wanted 20 but the store had 17. It was to have been picked up YESTERDAY! booh hoo...that's my favorite smell!

No worries...I think I have enough smells to last a while. Thanks again!


gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

wow! what a haul! you will love that thing that sends fragrant oil throughout the house....just 20 drops. Imagine!

Lin said...

hey, I like the mango mandarin, almost smells good enough to eat...