Fabulous Friend

My bestest friend is fabulous. Today, she dropped off two of her boys to play with my two boys. With the boys came groceries too b/c boys can never get enough to eat! She gifted me with some treats too!

A clear box with dark chocolate raspberry Ghiradelli chocolates, a super sweet card and... a CROP-A-DIAL!!! Wow. What a fun toy! The box of chocolate did have more but my DD and I needed a little sweet time after struggling through "greater than/less than" school work. The card is stickle-sparkley and I think that stickles are one of my favorite embellishments to use.

After the last couple of posts, I am going to be the envy of all. But don't envy me for what my friends have given me. Be jealous of the fantastically fun and generous people in my life. I hope you have them in yours too. I just hope that, in my own way, I am just as generous and thoughtful to others. (ding, ding, ding...another resolution for this year! haha.)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that clear box!! (getting ready to get out a sheet of acetate right now!!)
You are truely blessed to have such giving friends.....of course today, a friend gave me a wonderful gift too....she watched my boys as I had to go to work and they had the day off. She was going to take her kids to Disneyland but gave me a kidsitter instead!
Friends give in so many different ways...each one special

Quilt Nut said...

what a fabulous friend!