50th Anniversary!

Well, well, well...wouldn't you know!

I was searching around the net to find out information about the passing of the leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who died last night. While many members are sadden by his passing, I think that it must be a great relief. Gordon B. Hinckley has lived a long life serving God, serving others and setting an example to others to live in a peaceful, loving way. After living an honorable life, he now returns to his Father in Heaven and see those loved ones who have gone before.

Some people want to live forever or at least a long time. My sister Cara is like that. I on the other time, don't really want to grow old. I'd rather die earlier than later.

I went to google, everyone's favorite search engine. Today their heading was made out of LEGOS! The favorite toy of choice these days for DS #1. It turns out that today is the 50 anniversary for the Lego Brick!

I certainly have a day full of getting ready to serve others myself. I need to take E to school, find out if I need to watch someone's daughter, go shopping for cheese for a dinner for an injured friend, buy supplies for Brownies and supplies for Cub Scout recognition trophies, sew on DD's patches, make that dinner, clean the house, continue with the never ending stream of laundry, make the trophies, prepare craft for Brownies....

If you are a mother, then I think you know that this list is just not going to end.

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Lin said...

put something on top of the list that fills your well so you can get through your long list of to dos. all important service...maybe that fills your well? aunt lin