Webkinz Couture

My blog has been low on pictures lately. So here are 2 of our most favorite family members these days...Kylie and Lucky. (Seeker went to bed with C* and was not able to be in this photo shoot.)

How we got involved with Webkinz. C* received a Webkinz leopard from the Kennedy's in honor of his 8th birthday. Within 24 hours, McK* had me drive her to the store to buy one for herself, with her own money! A week later, I knew that E* needed to use some of his saved up monies so that he could be in on the fun and games. Thus, we adopted Seeker the Leopard, Kylie the White Terrier and Lucky, the Pug.

Today, I made 10 leashes for these animals! TEN! Of course, under the guise that they were going to the Kennedy cousins for Christmas! haha. Little do my kids know that some of the ribbons they chose will be for their own animal.

I had been saying for weeks, "One webkinz is enough. I am not buying you a Webkinz for Christmas and Santa is not bringing you one either." Then I volunteered last week in McK*'s first grade class. Each and every student, when asked what they wanted for Christmas, asked for a Webkinz. Without fail. Ooh and the stories I heard. Some of them even had friends who owned "20" even "30" webkinz. (To which I replied, "they are pulling your leg!")

So, okay, okay...I spoil my kids...I decided that yes, my kids needed one more Webkinz. While most kids do not have 20...they do have probably 5 or 6. Two isn't that bad! (hehe.) So, on Friday, I managed to find McK the "rare" black cat that she wanted. On Saturday, I battled the mall and found that prices are higher than at Hallmark outside the mall. But I sucked up the extra buck or two and managed to find the Husky that C* was admiring and the Lion that E* talks about.

This evening, a google search for Webkinz clothes patterns came up with NOTHING...so...

Tonight, I got out my yarn and crochet hook and tried to fashion something for Kylie the White Terrier. It took a bit to remember the granny square pattern that I never made enough squares for a blanket. But I figured it out...and added a strap. Voila! A cape/coat/covering!

So, now if I can just remember how to add a new ball of yarn to my crochet work...I'll be good to go as I continue to design Webkinz Couture!


gremhog susan.hatch@gmail.com said...

that cape is perfectly adorable. do they have to wait for christmas for the new outfits? How smart you are!

Lin said...

how cute...that's my kind of pet. wonder if my grand kids have one. guess i'll find out at christmas. fun clothes you are making. very creative.

jodene said...

Dawn I miss having you around to chat with. I wish you and your a very merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm.....I'm so behind of the times...or my kids are! Have neither heard hide nor tail (haha) of these little guys...but since the boys haven't asked...I think I'm ok!!

Cute leashes, and the little cape!

Anonymous said...

I love the leashes! My boys are the youngest of the cousins on my hubby's side so Caleb got a Cow (named cow lol) and we collect Penguins for C so they just came out with one so we got him for C for Christmas but C saw him so he sleeps with it now! lol. (C named Penguin Popcicle) and then we let my 1.5 yr old pick one. my hubby was so worried he would pick a pink horse lol. but he picked a frog and named him Ribbit! We have not gone on line yet! maybe after Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

My 9 year old now has a grand total of 29 Webkinz! Santa brought her 5, Mom bought her 5 and her cousins bought her 1 and her grandmother bought her 1. She needs an entirely new room!

Melinda McMillen said...

hehehe....that's too funny! i love the webkins things. very fun!! the clothes are great, too!!

Pam said...

those are really great ideas.

we have 2 accounts online. one has 36 webkinz the other has 24. we also have 1 webkinzJR. my son is 7 and i give him one hour weekdays and two hours weekends for webkinz play out of that time at least half is to be spent on WebkinzJR because its vary educational. I was thinking if we continue moving like we are then i was going to use it in the home schooling lessons.