Day Off

Last night, around 8:30pm, the local school district canceled school for today. Pretty fun for the kids...glad I knew before waking up in the morning...but boy, my plans for sewing all afternoon were FOILED! haha.

I did make MANY webkinz leashes, under the guise of "these are for your friends and cousins." haha. Of course my kids' response was, "ooh that is the best ribbon and color. There isn't going to be enough for me!" Little do they know that there are a handful for my own webkinz owners.

Oh and...if anyone has links for some webkinz clothes patterns, please share them with me! I studied a few outfits online and I could probably replicate the general idea. My good friend's DS has a couple of items that I hope to study and sketch out a pattern for future webkinz couture! haha.

Other than that and laundry and a trip to the crowded post office...my day was pretty unproductive. The kids were sent down to the basement to be loud and boisterous and I need to make a quick and fabulous dinner feast! TTFN.

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Lin said...

well i had to google "webkinz" to find out what you were talking about, sounds interesting. wonder if my grand kids know about it. i spent the warm afternoon 50 degrees here in st. george utah with sunny skies taking a nice long walk with a new neighbor getting acquainted and then decorated some old straw hats with flowers and ribbons for the twins-heather and emilee (dan's kids) to play dress up with after christmas presents are opened.

i used to love to play dress up as a little girl with anything i could find, my mom's long skirts, scarfs. hats and/or high heels. i'm afraid the upcoming generation are not learning how to entertain themselves unless they are plugged in....