You're super!

It's Tuesday again. That means it is time for a new STEE challenge! STEE04's challenge is to make a card that you can give to someone to boost their spirits or to say that you care! But preferably, it should be a fun, funky, upbeat style. Here is my submission:

Also, DD is sick home from school. I'm not sure that she's super sick. But she woke up, asked to stay home and then didn't get ready at all for school. She was told that she would spend the day in bed and she was fine to do so. Later she said she wasn't sick, she just ached all over. Hopefully it will be a quick sickness. Plus, in our family, if you have perfect attendance, you get to go out to eat with mom or dad, alone. Last year, McK* was the only one who earned it! We had a nice lunch at Applebee's one day while a friend watched the boys.

Today being Tuesday is also the day that Dawn from DawnsStampingThoughts counts her blessings. Thankful Tuesdays. Dawn is a blogger friend who could be a real life friend b/c she only lives a few miles over.

Today she posted a picturesque thought:

You do know Familes are like Bras .. Close to your heart and always there for support :-)

If you grew up in my family, then you'd say:

"You do know Families are like flopper stoppers..."

I guess that was my Dad's way of being discrete with a house full of girls! (Edited: My Mom called them "over the shoulder boulder holders.)


jodene said...

See I do read your blog. LOL Superbella is wonderful!!

Susan said...

I thought dad called them Flopper Stoppers. I didn't remember him using that other expression. Must be my old age mind.

My Paper World said...

Very cute, I LOVE it, it really is fun and funky!

Anonymous said...

I love this card! its super! mwaahaahaa

QuiltNut Creations said...

very cute card! hope your dd is feeling better

Rochelle W said...

Cute card. I love the stickles.

Kelly said...

I love this card great bella!