Pack Meeting

Tonight was my son's pack meeting. He was supposed to get a bunch of achievement beads. But, the holder that buttons onto his uniform was recalled b/c of LEAD. Good grief. It's everywhere. So he will have to wait another month for those awards. But he did receive the 2 belt loops that he earned. One for soccer and one for chess. Both of them were quiet easy. He's on a soccer team and he's played chess for YEARS with his dad. And anyone else that he can convince to play with him!

A few pix of the night:

After arriving on time and getting your uniform inspected, C* hangs out with some other Wolves and work on puzzles are the pack waits for the meeting to start.

E* and McK* wait for the meeting with their Webkinz...Lucky and Kylie. E* was willing to pose for 2 pix. But as soon as I snapped the first pix, my DD was done with her fantastic smile! (Gotta love those front teeth growing back in!)

As usual, Con is upfront with his den...telling the rest of the pack about their field trip to the airport. While they were there, they toured 2 police helicopters. The boys LOVED it!

After the awards portion, the boys broke of into 2 groups. Each group did a craft and played an Indian Feather Game. (This month, the theme was Native Americans!)

We have a really fabulous pack where parents are involved and the kids get to do a ton of activities. Our Blue and Gold will be at a country club...it helps when one of the dads is a chef there. The boys sold a TON of popcorn. They dress in full uniform. I love it b/c it teaches them respect. (And yes, we are still working with C* on tucking in his shirt...see above pix.) There are all sort of activities each week and they are so well behaved! It's so much fun being in a large, functioning pack!

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Great Grandma Lin said...

i'm enjoying reading your blog...all this is new to me after your mom got me involved and now i even have my own blog. i loved your cub scout photos as i raised 4 boys and no girls, so i was very involved in cub and boy scouts forever. nice to be retired but it brought back many good memories of my young sons just looking at your photos. thanks, enjoy these days of intense mothering, though exhausting they are soon over and just pleasant memories and your little ones are grown adults some with children of their own. lin