All Saints Day

Happy All Saints Day!!

My family has a special reason why we enjoy November 1st. It is the day that my darling dad proposed to my marvelous mom. She said yes and the rest is history! I'm one lucky gal to have 2 spectacular parents who reared me in love though out my life. (Even though being the oldest, I am by far the most misunderstood. hehe.)

Today was the 2nd STSC challenge. Here is my take on the layout. I propped up the top layer on dimensionals...and slid a tag that says "Give Thanks" into that corner.

Why can't all my cards turn out this well?

Meanwhile, my friend M* came over today and we made 6 clipbaords with matching pens for her sons' teachers and specialists. After she mod-podges them, we'll meet again and add the ribbon and make some notebooks. I'll be sure to post them. They are going to be CUUUUUUUUUUTE!


Susan said...

that is a spectacular card! Where did you get those fruit?

Jules said...

I love the card!

My Paper World said...

What a sweet story, and great card too!

Rochelle W said...

Ok, this is so cool. I love all the extras you did with the piercer. Very nice card Dawn.

Anonymous said...

Oh what an adorable card girlie .. Hey I am going to SCS gathering on March 8th BUT Saturday only and I think I can drive .. Unless your going Just Saturday too .. Looking forward to finally meeting you sweet pea

Judy Rozema said...

I LOVE this! One of my favorites of this challenge!!