Where have I been!

Here...in my house...doing the mom/housewife thing! haha.

I don't know why it has taken me so long to post. But I am going to go back to updating several times a week!

Last week...

Actually a week and a half ago...

I have this cabinet above my microwave where I store my cook books and other "so important things that I don't want to lose them, I'll stick them here so they don't get lost, oooh that's a lot of super important things up there." Yeah, you know that cabinent...well... A week and a half ago, my cookbooks fell out...a paper landslide b/c of all the "super important stuff" shoved in there. I decided that last week, I'd clean it out. Mostly b/c I had to. But somehow when I started cleaning, I was in the family room and cleaned it...every where. The whole entertainment center...under couches, under cushions. I even found a neighbor boy's library card under a cushion!

After that, even though the kitchen is between the family room the front room, I went into the front room and did a hardy clean there too. Under couches, under cushions, dejunking and rearranging furniture where ever I went! I did eventually get to the "super important cookbook" cabinet. haha...I think a day or so later. My dejunking/cleaning would not stop. I was in a cleaning frenzy! Each room led to the next. I couldn't stop. The kids' rooms were dejunked.

Last Wedneday, I even stopped watching tv to go dejunk/clean DD's room...and boy did it need it. By the end of evening, her room was clean and rearranged.

The next morning, when I went upstairs to start the boys' room, my youngest son said, "Mom, I want a cool room. Like M*'s." I was like "cool... like clean?" He said, "No with the bed moved." Ah Ha! He wanted the furniture rearranged. So, all morning long, I endeavored to clean, dejunk and move their furniture around.

That afternoon with big brother and sis and friends arrived here after school, there was so many shrieks of delight and surprise!! haha.

So, needless to say, my house is lovely. I moved furniture up from the basement and put some furniture down into the basement. I turned the piano to a new direction...and it hasn't been moved in 6 years! I love how my house looks and now...I have a list of "needs." I need new window treatments for several rooms, new lamps, new paint on several rooms, etc, etc. hehe.

And, my cleaning/dejunking frenzy puttered out...just before I got the the basement (which isnt' too bad) and I still have 1/2 my bedroom to finish...um...it's not going to get done any time soon!

While it is nice having a spotless house for a few days...you know it isn't going to last... and it hasn't! The new table in the front hallway is where C* tends to lay all his pokemon cards, books, papers and cub scout stuff. M* has shoved a pile of "treasures" in behind/next to the tv. And while he has a "cool room like M*," E still claims he has nightmares as he climbs into my bed! haha.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see your back at the "blogging" Dawn!! Missed ya!!
I got started on a major overhaul on my house two weeks ago...funny...I ran out of steam a lot quicker than you (and before I finished even 1/2 the house!!) Maybe I'll get motivated again after reading of your accomplishments and go at it again!!