No Dinner for Crybabies

Tonight, I calmly had HAD it with #1 son's cry baby ways. Yes, he can be a delight and smart and caring. But he is also a big wah-wah!

We were down at the neighbor's house...kids trading cards and moms chatting. We had been there for well over 30 minutes...it was 6pm...past dinner time for us...and I announced it was time to leave.

Oh, did the tears and demands and the gumbling start! And they didn't stop. This isn't new and I don't give in to him. But boy...something has to change NOW. And it was going to change tonight!

So...after listening to him cry VERY LOUDLY as we walked down the block...as we got to our yard, I turned and said, "Now you will go into your bedroom and I'll see you tomorrow. You will be missing dinner."

Oh and you can imagine the tears and mouthiness I got next. I just ignored it...made dinner. All the while, he was upstairs wailing. When dinner was ready, he calmly came down as if he was going to eat. I said
No, I'll see you tomorrow. Good night." Then the "I hate you. You hate me. You are so mean." And more tears.

At dinner, DD thought that her brother was going to starve. I informed her that neither she or her brothers had any idea was "starving" meant. That he'd be fine. That there were kids out there that are lucky to eat one meal... and that they they eat at least 3 a day!

After dinner, I went up to the doorway and told him, that I am not going to have him crying and catterwailing every day. Each time he does it, he will have no dinner. And I walked out.

I made cookies later. He came down...politely asking for cookies. I said, "No, go to bed." And he went back upstairs...without tears this time.

Admittedly, I did have a very small plate of what was left of our yummmy meal...including potatoes and gravy which he loves. I put it in the microwave just in case the hunger pains got to be too great. But luckily, he didn't ask and didn't come down and I didn't have to give in.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Now maybe the way to dry up a young boy's tantrums is to starve it out! (Now, I'm loggging off to tuck my sleeping boy into bed and kiss his cheek.)


stampin_melissa said...

{{{Hugs Dawn}}} Being a mom is the hardest job there is! I'll keep this in mind when my DS starts acting up like this. I'm about at my wits end as well.

Anonymous said...

You sticked to your decision. I know it's one of the hardest things us mom's have to do sometimes. But he WILL respect you for it, even if he doesn't show it right now. Tomorrow will be a better day because of it. You did a great job!! Kudoes!!

gremhog said...

and he didn't even starve, did he? No kid ever did. And hunger can do wonders!

nancy said...

OMG- kids are the hardest thing in life! This is the first time I've read your blog (got here from Joy in a Jar) so I don't know how old your son is. I don't have any of my own- just a classroom full of 31 1st graders- but I've got to give you credit. Moms like you are why we love our jobs.

This year I have about 15 kids who will not follow the rules and I'm ready to retire right now! (After 29 years of fairly pleasant kids!) I'm wearing myself out rewarding the "good" ones and "training" the difficult ones- oh, if they'd only come trained!

Good for you to stick to your guns! MOM is a tough job!