Another Miraculous Find!

I must be THE MOST blessed person when it comes to finding missing jewelry.

Tonight after dinner, I was rushing to get to the post office before it closed in order to mail a couple of joke books that my kids put together for some a friend in physical rehab and an ill family member. Checking my ear lobes as I often do, I realized that one of my earrings had broken off! Now these earrings are a bit special to me. My grandmother bought them when she was in Europe and are Austrian Crystal. When she was dying, I chose this pair when we were allowed to choose from amongst her jewelry. My mom has a near identical pair that I borrowed and wore on the day that I got married. (My mom's pair being clip-on, and my grandmother's pair is pierced.) These earrings are so sparkly and eye catching. I get many comments when I wear them.

So...back to today...

One of the crystals had broken off. So I called my 2 youngest kids back into the studio where I was when I realized that one was broken. And showed them what to look for. I said to myself "I have faith that this will be found." And I got on my hands and knees and felt the carpeting. Then I said, "McK* get the broom." And I started to sweep the kitchen floor in front of the sink. In the first 2 sweeps, I pushed the crystal out from its hidden nook on the floor. Wow! What a relief!

I am so grateful to be so blessed to find things that are lost! And lately, they have been found so quickly!

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gremhog said...

how wonderful! time to spend the money to get these to a jewelers and have him repair them and check to be sure the other is secure. mother wore these often.