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So...just when I think none of my family members glance at this blog (expect for Mom), my BIL leaves a comment on my blog! Haha. Thanks Hank. Guess he's got a sneak peek on the Christmas gift...good thing I didn't explain the gift much more!

So...several months back, I posted a pix of my earring that I lost. Another earring story to tell. This one much happier. After a rather frustrating Sunday...I realized, while visiting my friend that I only had one earring in. This was a set of pearl earrings that my husband had given me when we first got married. You know me...I get crazy and nutsy when I lose things. But Sunday I just didn't even bother to look much at all. I checked the car while M* swept her kitchen floor. No earring...forget it the whole thing. I looked around when I got back home that evening...but I didn't do my whole "stressed and worried" thing. Early, early, early, on Monday morning, DD came into my room b/c she wanted to go online to play with the webkinz. First she went into my bathroom to use the potty...and she came out...holding...yes...you guessed it! The missing earring. It was like 6:10 AM...I don't know how her eagle eyes saw that one. She said it was hanging on my robe! Guess it had falled off when I was hanging up a towel? So now, I have to find the back of the earring. Just kidding.

Lastly (for now), a plug for a product...

I use Noxema...Have used it for my entire life. I was blessed with near flawless skin my entire life too. That is, until about 6 weeks ago. My face was just horrendous...especially around my hair line. At first I thought it would just clear up. I'm 34 and I had more zits that the previous 33 years combined! No joke. So I asked my upline and her friend for suggestions since they are very much into "natural stuff." One of the suggestions was Kirk's Castile Soap. L* caustioned me to use Olive Oil as a moisturizer. (Okay, I did that once!) It was amazing. I've used it for maybe 3 weeks now. And you can feel your face tightening up as if you had used an astringent.

Now, my face still isn't at it's near flawless state...but it is certainly a VAST improvement. So if you are facing some midlife acne break out...try:

Kirk's Castile Soap!

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Judy Rozema said...

I have never heard of this but will definitely be looking now!