All About Me

Not sure what this is to be called. I got it from my mom's blog. And since she has put me down as one to respond...I'll fill it out.

Four place I have worked.
1. Jolee's Lil' Dipper when I was 15...small icecream parlor...which is probably why I have always wanted to own my own icecream place.
2. Brunos Pizza before it burned down 1/2 a block in downtown Oxford, OH...50 cents a slice! The kind of pizza that only tastes good at 1am in a college town!
3. American Greetings...greeting cards...what else!
4. Gibson School for the Gifted where I taught art and music to the most sassiest kids I've ever seen!

Four places I have lived.
1. Sheffield Lake, Ohio...aka...Paradise
2. Oxford, Ohio...another lovely place to live as a coed!
3. Bamberg, Germany
4. Orion, MI

Four places I have been on vacation.
1. Florida...with the band, with friends, with my own little family
2. Woodstock, NY
3. Europian Countries...touring around on the weekends.
4. Hawaii

Four of my favorite foods.
1. Orienta Pepper Steak
2. Salads of any kind!!!
3. Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheese Cake
4. fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies

Four places I would rather be right now.
1. 1991
2. Italy
3. Ohio
4. asleep

Four friends most likely to respond.
1. Jason...of "I Made This!" fame.

Well...I honestly don't know. The first four to respond will have their names immortalized in those 4 spaces!!


Jason Sampson said...

you could ask my name?

Michelle said...

These little tidbits are so fun to read!