Just a few more hours...

The house is hushed in slumber now...not quite 7am. Pokepalooza 2 will start in a little over 3 hours! Everyone is very excited. I'm pleased to say that many moms have offered to help bring food. That was very kind of them. I would have declined the offer, but 50 kids are expected. The help will be greatly appreciated.

Luckily, some of the signs from last year are still applicable to today's events. Here is one that is so fun:

Keep having fun by staying dry...bathrooms.
* You should know these by now. If not, ask your mom.

That just cracks me up every time I read it. I have made signs that are posted near each activity. They have the name of the activity, a one sentance blurb and then the rules.

Trainer Sign In
Promise to follow the rules and have fun at Pokepalooza!

As a Pokemon Trainer at the Barrett Gymn, I promis:
To be a Friend,
To be Fair,
And to have FUN!

Trading Area
Make a deal and get some new cards.
*Be Fair.
*No arguing.
*Only make a trade if both trainers want to make the trade.
*No pressuring others.

Barrett Gymn
Practice your yumps and maneuvers.
*Only 2 at a time in the gym.
*Practice jumps only; no fighting.
*Stay off the walls.
If you break a rule, you are off the bounch around!

Pokemon Design Studio
(Oops, just realized this has to be updated.)
*Keep art supplies on thsi table.
*Ask an adult for help.

Water Pools
Keep your eyes open for Goldeen, Wailmer or Speal.
*Watch out for the younger kids.
*Don't splash the younger kids.
*Soak and relax!

Battle Area (2 games here)
Score by tossing a sponge inot the bucket. Collect hit poitns by hitting Meoth or Team Rocket.
*Take Turns.
*keep the sponges in thsi area.
*Cheer eacho ther on.
*Keep track of your own number of buckets/hit points.

Poliwag Slide (aka slip n slide)
See if you can slide faster than a poliwag!1
*Take turns.
*Move out of the way when you are done sliding.

Team Aqua vs. Team Magma (Going to be great...5 red and 5 blue spraybottles...water fight!!)
Put out the fire pokemon on the other team.
*Take turns using the spray bottles.
*Do not spray at faces/heads.
*Reload using the buckets.

The crafts this year....
Design your own pokemon card...or a poke-fake as a neighbor boy calls them.
Design a luggage tag for your backpack using a pokemon card.
Body art: Using red, black and black nail polish to paint poke balls on your nails. (We tried this out on M* and neighbor B*...adorably fun! and the boys thumbnails were painted.)

So basically, even if you aren't into pokemon, there are plenty of things for you to do. Just ignore the funny names, pick up a spray bottle and GET WET!!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like a blast-oise! I used to know all 99 namees of these weird little guys. I found out recently that there are somewhere around 400 of them now!

Can't wait for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

ahh your bringing back memories! jiggly puff jiggley puff! I love it when they sing lol. I even at one time had ALL the toys from burgar king! and we still have the pokamone game and the pokemane monopoly charmander is my favorite and I cry when they try to wet his tail LOL

Jen said...

You are probably in the throws of the fun right now! Hope you and all of the kids are having a blast!

emm said...

My son loves Pokemon. I showed him the pics on your blog when I was reading it. He said, "Where does she live?!? Great idea for a party!