Cub Scouts are the coolest!

We are looking to put my #1 son into a new Cub Pack. The one at his school barely operated last year...and doesn't seem to be getting in gear for the next one. Looks like he will be able to go to one at a different elementary school. A couple of weeks ago, the local Boy Scout Camp had a celebration to mark the 100th year anniversary of Boy Scouts. My neighbor took her boys and my son to the festivities while I watched the little ones. In this new pack, one of the parents is an editor for a local paper. On the back page of the most recent edition, there was a full page spread of the boys, in their uniforms at the International Scouting Celebraion. C*'s pix (Or back of the head) made it into 3 of the published shots!

Here is the small article that accompanied the pictures:

International celebration of scouting

Last Wednesday, at 8am in each time zone aroudn the world, people took a moment to recognize the100th annivesrary of when the Boy Scouts were founded. Local scouts were able to go to Camp Agawam, on Clarkston Road, for a morning of festivities. The day started with a British flag raising ceremony (the Boy Scouts began in England) followed by the raising of the American flag. Visitors could then participate in several games, all of which were played by the first scouts on Brownsea Island. (photos by Mallory Yaroch)

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